The history of Fortatech dates back to 1878.

The story of Fortatech starts in year 1878. Adolf Arnheiter had run a shop in St. Gallen, where he sold grocery and rope goods. The ropes made of hemp, cotton and horsehair were mainly produced in ST. Gallen and the family enterprise could rise constantly. 1983 they changed the name from Arnheiter AG, Forta-Rope-work to Fortatech AG.

Since 2018, Fortatech AG has been family owned by the Manser and Englert families. Today we develop and produce Bowden cables, special ropes and fine ropes as a part of a global group for customers from around the world. For resource expansion, in 2004 a subsidiary in Poland has been established.

With our well founded know-how, we advise and support our customers by product development and solutions to solve problems. Our customer-oriented organization enable short throughput times and flexibility. Modern production facilities and process-oriented testing devices assure quality and reliability. Our own test laboratory for experimental purpose is an important factor for our success.

Our cables and fine ropes portray a simple and cost-effective solution for different mechanical applications. Due to the unique characteristics and possibilities of wire and ropes, we are able to provide individual and secure switching- and security functions. In dialogue with our customers we provide custom-designed solutions for the specific area of application.

  • 2019

    Fortatech AG launches the new generation of push-pull cables



    The innovative combination of new materials gives us excellent performance and durability. further information

  • 2018

    Certification according to ISO 9001:2015


    Fortatech ISO 9001:2015
  • 2018

    Acquisition of Fortatech AG by the Englert and Manser families


    Fortatech Swissmade
  • 2014

    Construction of a new manufacturing facility in Płochocin, Poland


    Fortatech Neubau
  • 2004

    Foundation of the subsidiary Fortatech Sp. z o.o. in Płochocin, Poland


    Gründung Fortatech Polen
  • 2003

    Construction of a new storage and logistics warehouse.


    Neubau Fortatech Schweiz
  • 2001

    Certification according to ISO 9001:2008


    ISO 2001_2008
  • 1995

    Certification according to EN ISO 9002


    ISO 9002
  • 1992

    Fortatech AG is sold to the BRUGG Group.


    Brugg Gruppe
  • 1984

    Flood damage

    1984 – 1986

    Wielka powódź wyrządza w Fortatech ogromne straty. Z tego względu koryto płynącej nieopodal rzeki Walkebach zostaje uregulowane.

  • 1983

    Change of the previous company name to Fortatech AG.


  • 1982

    Sold to the company Fatzer AG Romanshorn


    Sale of the company to the company Fatzer AG, Romanshorn and resignation of A. Arnheiter jun.

  • 1970

    The cable-manufacturing plant BRUGG becomes Arnheiter AG’s principle shareholder


  • 1969

    Expansion of operations with a new factory building and the longest ropeway in Europe

    1969 - 1970

    Fortatech Betriebsvergrösserung 1969
  • 1912

    The shop moves to Gübsenstrasse in St. Gallen, Switzerland – today’s headquarters


    Fortatech Betriebsvergrösserung 1912
  • 1878

    Adolf Arnheiter opens a retail shop for colonial goods, ropes and cords in the Schmiedgasse in St. Gallen, Switzerland


    Fortatech Gründung