About us

We move to move you

We act as a supplier the automotive industry and the industry with Bowden cables as well as pre-fabricated wire ropes and push-pull cables of high quality with the focus on our customer. In order to retain our customers, we are expanding our support for development projects as well as with targeted innovations.

Our employees

Our employees form the backbone of the company. Using your skills and talents in a motivating atmosphere is the goal of our corporate culture.

Expertise is continuously passed on and supplemented by individual training. Fortatech offers its employees an exciting work environment in which everyone can develop according to their abilities. Initiative is appreciated. The assumption of responsibility is promoted.

Because who enjoys work gives the best.

Team Fortatech Poland
Quality Fortatech

Highest quality

We offer the best possible quality for our customers. Thanks to our technical and qualitative experience, we are a competent partner for difficult tasks. With our own testing laboratory we can carry out a variety of experiments.


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    Thomas Englert Chief Executive Officer Fortatech AG
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    Robert Abramowski Chief Executive Officer Fortatech Sp. z o.o.
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    Sandra Englert Accounting / Administration Fortatech AG
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    Urs Wernli Head of purchase / production Fortatech AG
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    Grzegorz Madeja Head production Fortatech Sp. z o.o.
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    Zarko Andjelkovic Head of Product Management Fortatech AG
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    Luigi Martilotti Head of Quality Fortatech AG