Return of items

Please note that goods delivered to you through's Online Shop may also need to be returned through's return service for customs purposes. Please always contact us by e-mail at

Basically there is no legal right of return in Switzerland. As a rule, buyers can not withdraw from a normal sales contract.

To this address you can send your purchases with domestic postage:

Fortatech AG
G├╝bsenstrasse 80
9015 St. Gallen

Returns can only be processed under the following conditions:

1. Returns are only possible when ordering in the online store (generic goods). See Terms and Conditions - 9 Take back parts of the deliveries.

2. The return of products ordered from us is possible up to 3 days after receipt of the goods (Goods that have been cut are excluded from the return).

3. The article may show no signs of use.

4. BEFORE the return you need a return number, without this a return can not be accepted. Please contact us by email

Return costs:

The shipping costs for the return are generally at the expense of the sender.

Credit note:

If you have already paid for the returned goods, we will refund the amount immediately. If you have not paid your bill yet, you can of course reduce the invoice amount by the returned items.